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Bolopue, Lauren

Ms. Lauren Bolopue

Dear Capitol Hill Community,

I am very honored to introduce myself as a new member of the administrative team for the 2022-23 school year and to join this successful school community. I want to express my sincerest enthusiasm and pride to be working collaboratively with all of you and my dedication to support a meaningful learning environment in the classroom and wherever our students may go.

Although my profession is in education, my most celebrated accomplishment is my family. While I am not teaching, or completing my own homework, I am lucky enough to have a busy household to keep life entertaining and happy. My partner and I have seven children, ranging in age from 8 to 19 years old. We have a passion for sports (soccer, hockey, and football are some of our favorites), outdoor adventures (kayaking and camping), and traveling to visit family or discover new destinations, but I will never be disappointed by a quiet day at home. We adopted two rescue puppies in the last year and, while we sometimes underestimate how much energy they require, we thrive in the organized chaos!

My most recent professional experience includes teaching Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry at Highland Park Senior High School; the 2021-22 academic year marked my 6th year in secondary education. I have served as an educator at many levels, but have renewed energy and excitement to be specifically working with middle school students, staff, and families. Across my professional career, I have worked in manufacturing, personal health and fitness, neuroscience research, social media/relations, and education at the collegiate and secondary levels. Each of these roles have shaped how I hope to show up each day, with the intention of serving and supporting others. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Metropolitan State University, Life Science and a 5-8 Initial Licensure from the University of St. Catherine, Master of Science in Educational Leadership with Emphasis in K-12 Administration from Minnesota State University Moorhead, and I have recently been accepted to continue my studies and pursue a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership degree.

I have a quiet confidence in the belief that we, as educational leaders, have the power to facilitate cooperative efforts between home and school life that builds trust, positive self-esteem, and high potential for academic success for our students. I am devoted to sustaining the culture of excellence already created by the Capitol Hill community and will explore new ideas to encourage students to shape their future, promote the inclusion of all families and community stakeholders, and create a safe and meaningful professional space for staff to feel supported and valued. I look forward to meeting everyone in the weeks and months that follow, and to working with all of you to keep student success our primary focus for the 2022-23 school year.


Lauren Bolopue, Middle School Assistant Principal

Email lauren.bolopue@spps.org

Office (651) 744-6515